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How to Make Your Home Fire Safe

Fire safety should always be a top priority as a home owner. Not only to protect your house itself, but also yourself and your family. Below are some excellent tips to make your home fire safe.

1. Get a good fire alarm

The most obvious way to make your home fire safe is by having a good fire alarm. Most people have some type of fire alarm already but they can vary quite a bit in their quality and ease-of-use. Investing in a good, modern fire alarm system therefore, is absolutely worth it.

A lot of modern fire alarms can be operated by smartphone, making them that much easier to use. Many also have touch panels, so you don’t need to worry about reading instructions or struggling to operate them properly.

2. Check electrical appliances

Another key to make your home fire safe is checking electrical appliances. Faulty electrical appliances are a very common house of house fires in the UK, so you should always check that any appliances in your house don’t have frayed wiring or any other faults that could cause them to spark or overheat.

3. Know the best escape route

Something that’s extremely important to make your house fire safe is knowing the best escape route. This is usually going to be a door or window. Some houses will have an upstairs fire escape window that opens all the way, so you can easily get through it.

If your escape is a door, then make sure everybody in the family knows where the keys for it are and that it would be easily accessible in an emergency.

4. Schedule regular chimney cleaning

If you have a house that makes use of a traditional fireplace and chimney, then scheduling regular cleaning is absolutely essential. Chimneys that are poorly maintained can easily lead to house fires, so you should schedule for it to be cleaned at least once each year, depending on how regularly you use it.

5. Get carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a risk even if you don’t have a gas fire or boiler, so it’s certainly a good idea to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for your home if you want it to be as safe as possible.

At Ashford Security, we supply, install and maintain a range of fire alarm systems in Kent. We offer our services to both domestic and commercial customers. If you’d like more information, then get in touch by phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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