Require any of the following fire alarm services?

our Fire Alarm services


Require a fire alarm designing?

We are able to supply a fully design service for fire alarm systems to BS5839 for both commerical and domestic properties

Install & Commission

Need a system installed in your property?

Your system will be installed and commissioned to the latest BS5839 standards for fire alarm systems

maintain & monitor

Complaint with annual maintenance?

We are able to offer a full maintenance and monitoring for your fire alarm system to ensure that it is full operational and compliant.


Had alterations to your building?

We can modify a large majority of fire alarm systems on the market

Fire Alarm System Types - BS5839

The catergory of fire alarm system will always be determined by the fire risk assessment. Require more advice on fire alarms and fire risk assessments??

Commercial Categories - Part 1

L1 Fire Alarm Systems cover the whole of the property. All areas will be covered by automatic fire detection and call points. 

L2 Fire Alarm Systems are combined of L3 & L5. This is all escape routes and adjacent rooms with openings to the escape route with automatic fire detection. Then also high risk areas for example kitchens, boiler rooms etc.

L3 Fire Alarm Systems are automatic fire detection in all escape routes and all adjacent room that have opening onto escape routes.

L4 Fire Alarm Systems are automatic fire detection on the escape routes only.

L5 Fire Alarm Systems would be used for special circumstances. This would be used if only a specific area of the building required automatic fire detection due to high risk identified. 

P Fire Alarm Systems are designed for the protection of the building only. These would mainly consist of smoke automatic fire detectors but no call points. These systems will always be monitored. 

M Fire Alarm System is the lowest grade of commercial fire alarm system. This only consists of manual call points in the building so will require these to be activated for the alarm system to sound. 

Domestic Categories - Part 6

LD1 – covers the whole of the domestic property. This includes all circulation routes (stairwells & corridors) which form part of the escape route and all rooms where a fire might start. This does not include bathrooms, showers and toilets. 

LD2 – has automatic fire detection in the circulation areas (stairwells & corridors) which form part of the escape route and also high risk areas of the property for example kitchens. 

LD3 – This will have automatic smoke detection in the circulation areas of the property (stairwell and corridors) which form part of the escape route. 

In domestic properties the fire alarm system will also have a grade of system. These are explained below:

Grade A & C Fire Alarm systems for domestic properties will be required in larger domestic properties and HMO’s. These grade of fire alarm system are very close the requirement of Part 1 with some minor variations. 

Grade D systems have one or more interlinked mains powered smoke detectors with battery back up built into the detectors. These can be hardwired linked or radio linked. 

Grade F systems are battery only powered smoke or heat detectors.