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6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Safe at Home

For many people, their car is their most valuable asset after their home. This being the case, you want to take any steps you can to keep it safe.

There are many excellent ways to reduce the chance of theft/vandalism of your car. To help you keep your car more safe, below are 6 simple and easy-to-implement tips –

1. Park it securely

This one is very important. Parking your car securely is one of the best ways to reduce the chance or theft or vandalism. The vast majority of car thefts take place when the car is stationary, so parking it in a safe spot is vital. The best place to park your car at home is in a secure garage. Good garage doors are essential, so if you don’t already have them, it’s definitely worth the extra investment.

2. Remove valuables from sight

Another essential tip to improve car security is removing any valuables from sight. Cars are often broken into, not for the car itself, but for the valuables inside. Things like jewellery, laptops, mobiles etc. should never be left on display. The same applies for expensive clothing.

3. Use a steering wheel lock

Steering wheel locks are a very inexpensive way to improve car security. They can be somewhat cumbersome to use regularly but are a proven way to reduce the risk of car theft.

4. Install an alarm

Most modern cars already come with alarms installed as standard but if yours doesn’t, you should definitely have one fitted.

5. Hide car keys

You should never have your car keys on display in your home. This means keeping them away from windows and doors and not placing them anywhere on display. It’s best to keep them inside a drawer or your pocket.

6. Install an immobilizer

An immobilizer is another good way to improve car security. Older cars often don’t have an immobilizer fitted but it’s one of the best ways to decrease the chance of theft.

At Ashford Security, we can supply and install garage doors for your property. If you’d like more information, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.

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