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Make Your Home More Secure – 5 Great Tips

Home security is incredibly important but something a lot of people don’t think about until it’s too late. Below are 5 great ways to make your home more secure and protect you and your family.

1. Get a good quality door

A good quality door can make a big difference to the security of your home. Burglars tend to be opportunists and houses with poor quality doors are much easier to break into and therefore more likely to be targeted.

When it comes to security, uPVC doors are always a good choice. Make sure the lock is secure and usually it’s better if there’s no glass, at least not close to the lock.

Just taking this one step can make your home much more secure.

2. Update your locks

Another vital aspect of securing your home is having good quality locks on doors and windows. If any of the locks on your doors or windows are poor quality and look like they could easily be broken, then it’s vital that you replace them.

If your locks are rusted, broken or damaged in any way, then you should also replace them immediately.

3. Consider electric gates

Electric gates aren’t suitable for every type of home but they are an excellent way to make your house more secure. They’re usually made from metal or wood and give you full access control without the need to close them manually.

4. Get a good alarm system

Perhaps the most obvious way to make your home more secure is by getting a good alarm system. A lot of houses have alarms installed but they’re often outdated and don’t provide the best level of security.

Some of the most important things to look for in a modern alarm system are –

  • Smartphone control – A lot of alarm systems now allow you to control them via your smartphone. This is extremely useful and gives you a greater level of control when it comes to changing settings etc.
  • Police alarm monitoring – This basically means that if your alarm system was triggered, the police would automatically be notified. This an extremely useful feature and always something you should look.
  • Ease of use – Just as important as your alarm system being reliable is its ease of use. Most modern alarm systems are designed to be simple to use, especially those controlled via smartphone, so this usually isn’t an issue.

5. Don’t leave valuables in sight

A very simple step you can take to make your home more secure is to not leave any valuables in sight. Everybody knows that it’s never a good idea to leave your house key on display but you should also avoid having any other valuables on display, such as expensive jewellery or electronics.

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